House rules


  • The route to school is to be taken on the shortest public (paved) route in compliance with the road traffic regulations.
  • Pupils may only be in the playground; in bad weather, the ground floor of the school may be used. The car park is not a recreation area.
  • When the bell rings at 7.20 a.m., they go to the room where the first lesson takes place.
  • The school can only be entered through the side entrance (east side) and can be left at any time through all doors.
  • If lessons start later, pupils can wait in the schoolyard, in the dining room or in the school social work rooms. They must behave in such a way that lessons are not disrupted.
  • Late pupils should report to the secretary’s office.
  • In the event of absence from lessons, the statutory regulations must be observed.


  • The subject rooms are entered under the supervision of a teacher and locked after leaving.
  • Jackets etc. must be taken off, hung up in the cloakroom and head coverings that are not religiously related must be removed.
  • Tables, window sills, radiators etc. do not provide seating.
  • If the teacher is absent, the instructions of the class representative, who must behave correctly, must be followed. If no teacher has appeared 5 minutes after the start of the lesson, the class representative must inform the school management or the secretary.
  • The lesson begins in an appropriate manner with a welcome.
  • Eating and drinking are not permitted during lessons. The teacher decides on exceptions.
  • Windows may only be opened by pupils on the instructions of the teacher.
  • After the end of the lesson, the classrooms are to be left in an orderly condition, the windows closed and the chairs raised if necessary.
  • All acoustic disturbances must be avoided.


  • If the room is changed between lessons, this is done quietly, quickly and by the shortest route to the next subject room.
  • There, the time until the next lesson is to be used for lesson preparation.
  • The school grounds may not be left during breaks.
  • Toilets are not ‘recreation rooms’ under any circumstances.All pupils are to remain in the courtyard during the break.
  • Bags are not to be left in the corridors.
  • The instructions of the pupil supervisor must be followed.
  • Lockers or toilets are used before or after the break in the courtyard.
  • In bad weather, the break will be cancelled. Pupils can then stay in the corridors on the ground floor and first floor.


  • Lunch is served in an appropriate form in the dining room. Jackets and bags are stored in the designated areas. The dining area must be cleaned.
  • After lessons, pupils must leave the school grounds immediately or remain under supervision.
  • Travelling pupils may remain in the school building until the bus departs, subject to compliance with the house rules.


  • The schoolyard gate remains locked from 7.30 am. After this time, access to the school building is possible via the main entrance, which is only opened from the inside by teachers or technical staff.
  • The school grounds can be left at any time via the main entrance.
  • Visitors must report to the secretary’s office.
  • Students spend free periods either in the schoolyard or under the supervision of the social pedagogue in the recreation rooms or the library.
  • If they leave the school grounds during this time with parental permission, they may only re-enter at the start of the next break.
  • After morning lessons, the courtyard gate is open and access for afternoon lessons is possible through the eastern side entrance.
  • Everyone takes care to avoid dangers and accidents.
  • Lost property is handed in at the secretary’s office.
  • Snowballs may not be thrown on the school grounds.
  • Symbols and music from radical political groups are not permitted.
  • Smoking and the consumption of alcoholic beverages and the use of intoxicants is prohibited within the entire school grounds, in visible peripheral areas and at school events.
  • School buildings, facilities and teaching materials are to be treated with care. In the event of culpable and wilful damage or destruction as well as loss, the legal guardians shall provide compensation.
  • Injuries or other damage must be reported immediately to a teacher or the secretary.
  • In the event of an alarm, the instructions of the carers must be followed without fail and, if necessary, the school building must be left immediately via the marked escape routes without haste.


  • After consultation with the school administration of the Ilm district, the use of bicycles is regulated as follows: If the bicycle is used for the journey to school, accident insurance cover is guaranteed. A guarantee for bicycles and their accessories is only given if the use of the bicycle has been expressly authorised by the headmaster. Bicycles may only be parked at the bicycle stand.


  • The use of mobile phones and other consumer electronics devices during lessons is only permitted with the teacher’s permission.
  • All mobile phone-related disruptions to teaching and learning must be avoided.
  • In case of offences, § 51 paragraph 6 of the Thuringian School Act applies.
  • Recordings (image, video and/or sound) for private purposes and publishing/posting on social platforms etc. are prohibited.